Scissors Technology

Maryam Trading scissors-State-of-the-ART
Scissors: Cutting tools? No, it is artwork. We love it; all Maryam Trading scissors are handmade.
With artwork in hand, inspiration comes; you can create a beauty world.
Join us, let’s travel in Maryam Trading Corporation, and fall in love with our scissors.
A finished scissor has to experience more than 40processes; here we only introduce some key processes to you.

Two pieces welding technology:

Adopt special welding machine to combine two kinds different material together: Hard Blade + Soft Handle. Advantage: The handle can be adjusted by skilled person by special tools to get good "sett" after re-sharpening.


Sub-zero quench:

The hardness of the blade is what can guarantee the sharpness and durability. First we heat the steel more than 1000 degree Celsius, this is the harden process, which will change the steel’s physical feature. Then quickly decrease the temperature to below zero. Then will keep the hardness to more than 62 HRC.

Hollow-ground and honed:

The hollow grinding is making sure the inner concave blade surface. Plus the convex exterior surface, the blade will be sharp. The hand honing process is the final sharpening. Guarantee the edge is razor sharp.

Quality check:

Before a pair scissor is packed, it has to be checked by our most experienced worker. The key check process is cut the plastic film and wet tissue paper. It has the same features of dry hair and wet hair. Only pass this process, the scissors can be qualified with our Maryam Trading logo. We can put your company logo on your kind demand.




All Maryam Trading scissors' logo is printed by laser. It won't erase for ever. By laser print, the logo will be look much nicer. Here Maryam Trading can supply two kinds laser print technology:

Common laser print:
Just like the pictures show, we usually print on the blade, front under rivet, back under rivet.

Pure elegance laser print:
Scissor is artwork. We Maryam Trading people wish our artwork Pure and Elegant. So we try our best to decorate our scissors. Finally we got it, easiest but best way. Pure, elegance can not be expressed by only words. Just enjoy the photos.


We mainly can supply three kinds surface treatment:

Common finish:
Traditional, 1: Mirror polish, 2: Dull finish, 3: Satin finished.



Titanium coating:
This thought came from a hair style seminar in year 2005. People are discussing how to dye hair. Colorful hair? Should there be colorful scissors? With this thought our Marketing manager Mr. Jawad together with our R&D colleagues developed the titanium coating series. As the surface is titanium, it won’t erase last whole life of the scissor.
We can supply 1: Black, 2: Blue, 3: Rainbow/multi, 4: Golden, Rose gold, Purple and Brown colors are also available. 5: Zebra stripe shear, all the colors we can supply with zebra stripe.


Hip-Hop tattoo coating / paper coating :

After one year research since 2008 Olympic, with the spirit of Hip-Hop, Maryam Trading has successfully developed. Special design with new coating technology. We also produce these scissors according to customer's Designs.