Here you will find absorbing facts concerning our cutting tools. Feel free to choose the subject you are interested in:General information Examinations of the material, hardness, pattern and extent of grinding of the scissors are essential parts of the quality control process at Maryam Trading, along with functional and optical checks.Examples of composition of materials:
Hardness Chart
Steel / Alloy Hardness
440C Steel 58 – 62 HRC
420 J2 Steel 54 – 56 HRC
High Carbon Steel 52 – 54 HRC
Pakistan Steel 46 HRC
Scissors Surfaces:
We mainly can supply three kinds surface treatment:
1: Common finish:
Traditional, Mirror polish, Dull finish, Satin finished.
2: Titanium coating:
We can supply scissors in Black, Blue, Rainbow/multi, Gold, Rose gold, purple and Brown colors.
3:Tattoo coating / paper
coating :
Special design with new coating technology.
Hairdressing Scissors:
Razor sharp edge
So-called "razor cuts" are made by aligning the cutting edges at a flat angle of max. 40° and subsequently fine-grinding and polishing them. This ensures that the hair is not pushed forwards, but can be gripped with minimum effort and cut more easily and cleanly.
Hollow ground and honed
The hollow grinding is carried out in a radius of 60/80 mm. The honing must be carried out very carefully and over several degrees of fineness, using an abrasive wheel coated with diamond dust. This ensures that the scissors can be moved easily and smoothly.
Hollow ground
Professional hair scissors are hand-ground and honed.
Convex blade
In many cases, hair scissors are micro-serrated and are ground using a special grinding wheel. The serration should be angled from the point of the scissors to the joint, so that even fine hair can be held firmly.
Adjustable screw
Adjustable screw systems allow the user to set the scissors to meet his individual requirements, i.e. to determine the load pressure on the blades.
Screwed-in finger rest
Finger hooks, which can be screw hooks or forged hooks are preferred by export customers in America or Asia. The hook ensures that the scissors are balanced more easily between the index and little fingers, which means that they can be guided more easily.
Micro motion
The Teflon pressure plate is spring-loaded in a rubber micro ring and provides for particularly precise cuts.
Thinning scissors:
These are available with 4 to 36 teeth on one side (shaping scissors) or on both. Double-sided thinning scissors with 21 or 23 teeth are preferred by private customers and are particularly suitable for cutting the top hair close to the head. Shaping scissors with 36 teeth are used by hairdressers to make an exact, clean, layered cut at the ends of the hair. Good-quality thinning scissors can be recognized by the fine, exact equal angle cutting of the individual teeth, the equal distance between each tooth and the even action, i.e. not too strongly curved and with a good support behind the screw.
Today the market is dominated by electric shavers and simple wet shavers. Whether as part of an archaic or a modern lifestyle, using an open razor to remove the beard growth has been a component of shaving culture for centuries. Lathering up the soap and wielding a brush - a wet shave is always a special experience.
Handles and blades:
The handles of the open razors are made of real buffalo horn or mother-of-pearl, pakkawood, bone or non-corrosive steel.
We distinguish between the following handles:

3/8" flat or 1/2 hollow ground for salon and clinic use, eyebrows
4/8" flat or 1/2 hollow ground for salon and clinic use, light beard
growth 5/8" 1/2 or 1/1 hollow ground for general removal of beard growth
6/8" square or sharp point for the experienced shaver
7/8" 1/1 hollow ground with for very strong beard growth double- stabilizing piece
Cross-section of razors -degree of hollowness-
A flat ground
B full hollow ground
C 1/4 hollow

House hold Scissors:
Here are the most important types of scissors from the wide range available:
Household scissors:
a wide range is available, forged, non-corrosive (in a few cases made of nickelised C-steel). They can be divided into so-called sewing or unpicking scissors and fabric shears. Narrow blades and fine points mean these scissors can be used for unpicking seams, cutting thread and for fine needlework. The medium-sized models (predominantly convex), are also suitable for general cutting purposes (foil, cord, cardboard etc.). The heavy fabric shears (long-eye handles) are suitable for the exact cutting of normal textiles, if no tailor's shears are necessary.
Tailor's shears:
are used especially for heavy fabrics, card etc. Appropriate attention is paid to the size (up to 12" in length), weight and strength of the blades. Carbon steels ranging from C60 up to crucible steel are used to guarantee that the shears are hard enough. Blades with fine teeth are an optional feature which guarantees that the fabric does not slip, but these are not to be confused with the zigzag blades of pinking shears, which are used to finish off the edges of seams.
Embroidery and silhouette scissors:
are extremely fine and sharp. For this reason, they should be treated very carefully and kept in a leather pouch.
Left-handed scissors:
are specially manufactured models in a completely mirror-inverted arrangement of blades and handles, and are increasingly in demand in kindergartens, schools, and also homes.
Differences between handle shapes:
- concave stem
- convex stem
- goose-neck
- with straight finger rings
- with angled finger rings.
Board, nose and ear scissors:
This group of scissors is less well-known but are part of the cutting tools important for body care. All hair scissors of up to 4½" (12 cm) can be described as beard clippers. Micro-serration is absolutely necessary for these scissors, so that the beard hair cannot slip from the blade. Nose and ear clippers are small, handy, ball-pointed scissors for the removal of irritating hairs in the nose and ears. Please note that sharp scissors should never be used in these areas, as the sensitive skin can easily be injured. The nose & ear Scissors sizes are: 9 cm | 10 cm
Skin Scissors:
Good skin scissors have to be particularly sharp (for cutting through the finest pieces of skin), sufficiently pointed (to reach and lift the tiniest particles of skin) and sufficiently curved (so that they point away from the cuticle and do not dig into it). It is important that the scissors are easy to open and close, despite their curved shape. When closed, the points of the scissors should lie exactly on top of each other. The fine tips of the slender-point blades are particularly sensitive. These scissors should be kept in a protective pouch. Skin scissors should never be used for cutting nails or other materials!
Nail scissors:
The structure of nail scissors is much more stable than that of skin scissors, which is necessary for them to be able to meet the demands placed on them. Nail scissors also have to be curved in order to follow the shape of the nail. It is also an advantage if the scissors are micro-serrated, especially if they are a heavier model, because the nail is then not distorted and the cut can be controlled better. Stable toe-nail scissors can make toe-nail care easier if the user does not want to use pliers. The important nail scissors sizes are
| 9 cm | 9.5 cm | 10 cm | 11.5 cm |
Manicure and pedicure instruments:
Cuticle nippers:
There are three types of cuticle nippers: eye nippers (with a scissor grip), handle nippers with a leaf spring and Double spring, box joint nipper with back lock. Because of the relatively small load-bearing area, cuticle nippers should be box-jointed. However, the most important difference is in the cutting lengths:
Jaw 4 mm
Jaw 6 mm
Jaw 8 mm
Jaw 9 mm

Here it is possible to distinguish between manicure nippers, pedicure nippers, head cutters and a wide range of ingrown nail nippers. For more detail you can check out Nail Nipper product button and see the uncountable designs of Nail Nippers.
In the case of manicure or pedicure nippers, the blade design can be flat, hollow (with a concave dome) or "high-nosed", where the end of the cutting edge is clearly raised. The blades of pedicure nippers are generally hollow, sometimes also high-nosed and flat. As toe-nails should be cut straight across, the cutting edges normally dictate the slightly curved cutting angle.
Because of their narrow and precise blades, ingrown nail nippers are normally used by experienced chiropodists for clipping the edges of nails in places where they cannot easily be reached. The types of blades used are simple, sharp or sharp/sharp (sharp and relief-ground).
In contrast to the other types of nail nippers, the blades of head cutters first close at the points and then up to the middle when pressure is exerted. These nippers are not used at a 90° angle, but directly "head on".
Box-jointed or lap-jointed
Both types of joint are used for nail and cuticle clippers. The lap joint, in which the two halves of the pliers are placed over each other and connected with a rivet (with a decorated recess), is considered to be sufficient for the simpler quality products, the so-called standard clippers and the clippers provided with manicure sets. However, the rivets of lap-jointed pliers constitute a weak point, because in time the pliers become loose and the two blades no longer lie exactly on top of each other.
Box-jointed pliers are better suited to more stringent demands, although more craftsmanship is needed in their production. First of all, a slot has to be cut in the outside box blade, and then the between blade which lies on the inside has to be milled flat on both sides. Afterwards, the box blade is heated so that the between blade can be inserted during the annealing stage. Immediately afterwards, a hammer is used to bring the box blade back to its original shape. The blades are then drilled and riveted. Because of their significantly higher torsion resistance, box joints are recommended for professional models and for fine cuticle clippers.
Maryam Trading represents the state-of-the-art in cosmetic tweezers. . We are producing many types of tweezers including cosmetic tweezers, eyebrow tweezers Slanted tweezers, pointed tweezers, straight tweezers, professional hair pulling tweezers, optical tweezers, and precision tweezers.
Manicure sets:
The robust, elegant and precisely worked Maryam Trading manicure setsare a suitable setting for high-quality nail care instruments. Each instrument has its fixed place in the case and the fine blades and points are protected from damage. The set of manicure implements entirely made of stainless steel.
The manicure sets are available with
zip cases, hard-frame cases, cases fitted with tongue and loop, cases with a press stud
and cases which can be rolled up